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Mint Co., Ltd.

Satoshi Ishitobi

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I am Satoshi Ishitobi, the founder of Mint Co., Ltd.

We launched sokoiko! in 2017, a time when the impact of inbound tourism was becoming more pronounced even in regions like Hiroshima.

The motivation behind it was the realization that, despite visitors coming to the local area, they often only frequented well-known tourist destinations.

From the desire to share more, to show the unique beauty of these places, we began offering cycling guided tours using electric bicycles, which were easy to move around with, starting from scratch.

As we went through the actual business, we gained numerous insights. Guests are looking for experiences unique to the region, the flow is crucial in guiding tours, and the significance of guides who interact with guests.

We started from scratch, and our journey has been an incredible learning experience."

Through these experiences, the sokoiko! brand has evolved into a platform for "expressing regional stories through tours."

Today, it has grown into something that people from around the world are participating in, and we are expanding our story tours not only in Hiroshima also in various locations nationwide.
We will continue to create sokoiko! together with our team, partners, and our guests.

Let's embark on a journey to feel the untold regional stories that you won't find in guidebooks!

■Operating company

  Mint Co., Ltd.


#101 2-21 Dobashi-cho,Naka-ku,Hiroshima,730-0854,JAPAN 


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