UKIYOE tour in Sumida,Tokyo

Cycling back and forth between Edo and Tokyo

UKIYOE tour in Sumida,Tokyo

JPY 7,500 / one person



【About the fees】

   ・Bicycle rental,Guide staff and Insurance are included.

   ・Admission fees and experience fees are not included.

   ・Please pay by cash at our office.


*Lunch expenses are not included in the tour, however we can arrange a lunch according to your request.

Sumida Ward, which has a rich history with a traditional atmosphere, is a town where a world-famous ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai had lived. Ukiyo-e is a representative of the Edo Culture.

There are a lot of places that inspired artists to create beautiful ukiyo-e pictures. It makes you feel like you’re travelling in the Edo Period while cycling around Sumida Ward. You will explore the features of life and culture in the Edo Period.

Enjoy cycling modern places such as the Tokyo Skytree and traditional areas with our guide!