Let’s get going to Hiroshima you have never seen yet!

During a trip, people tend to go to famous places. In Hiroshima case, peace park and Miyajima. But, these are not enough to know the real Hiroshima. There are so many spots where we can talk about stories of peace, special sceneries and friendly nice local people in Hiroshima! Are you satisfied with only the guidebook information? Sokoiko! will be the best way to explore the real Hiroshima you have never knew! Let’s get going on cycling together to find new Hiroshima with your eyes and feel this city deeply!


Sokoiko! prioritize the originality for each guest’s route. We use comfortable e- bicycle and our route is flexible for guest’s interests and local special recommendations.
Sokoiko! guides are your friends! Let’s enjoy talking and ask anything as hiroshima friends!

This city is full of experiences! Orizuru (paper cranes), kendama and so on! You can cook local soul food “okonomiyaki “ for lunch at okonomiyaki restaurant! Sokoiko! provides various activities cooperating with local people. Please check the options page for detail information.

About sokoiko! route

Peace Tour

Go around Hiroshima's atomic bomb heritages by bicycle with a local guide
There are lots of atomic bomb heritages in the suburbs of Hiroshima, other than the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. Each of them has its own unique story. Going around and looking at those relics, the guide will tell you about the destructive power of the atomic bomb and the situation of the damage in those days. You will realize how once-destroyed Hiroshima has vigorously revived to be a city abundant in green in over 70 years from the end of the war. Experience the real Hiroshima at first hand with local staff born and raised in Hiroshima, something which you cannot learn from only books and pictures.


From JPY


11am-1pm (2h)


A custom-made cycling tour in Hiroshima

Locals will guide you to the best places!

This is a completely custom-made tour in Hiroshima where you'll be accompanied by a very entertaining guide. Please enjoy this premium local tour of which the people of Hiroshima are confident about, with the hidden spots that only locals in Hiroshima know and secret spots which can only be reached by bicycle.


From JPY


10am-1pm (3h)



Initiatives for Sustainable Tourism

・Using e-bikes to achieve carbon neutrality

・Casting light on places other than major tourist attractions to promote urban revitalization and local economy.

・Tour guide training to create regional employment and to inherit local history and culture.